About us

We are a boutique consulting company established in 2021. Our mission is to help organizations to understand and utilize their financial data better. We want to push the boundaries of what Finance departments in companies can do.

"The reason for founding Finpower was my desire to help companies, especially their Finance/Controlling departments to work smarter and more efficiently, making better use of modern technologies and corporate data. During my long career, I have very often experienced cases where Finance & Controlling processes were set up inefficiently, or not set up at all, and companies lacked a kind of "internal engine" capable of driving the improvements."

Marek Psota, Founder

finpower o nas

Our Core principles

Changing the way your Finance department works

Now, more than ever, finance departments face increased pressure and new challenges to support strategy & ever-changing business needs. They need to become more agile, data-driven, and automated to offer timely and accurate insights for the management.

Transformation is at the forefront of what we do, we work closely with clients to identify improvements in their financial operations that can result in cost savings, improved efficiency, and streamlining the processes.

Disrupting the traditional accounting firm model to deliver new premium experience to the clients

Too many small and medium-sized businesses with rocket-growth potential are held back by not enough flexible & effective accounting firms. It is time to change that!

Our top cloud technology, passion in automations, combined with dynamic team of financial professionals is here to help you navigate through your business.

Unlocking finance management possibilities for small sized businesses

We are making financial management expertise available and affordable also for smaller players, without the burden of hiring an expensive full-time Finance manager. Scalable as your business grows.


Business partnering

We treat our client´s business like our own. You will experience such a good support that will change the way you look at consultants.

Customer centricity

Every client is unique with its own specifics, therefore our services are always tailored to your needs.

Partnership and Loyalty

We build partnerships based on mutual respect. Successful collaborations reflect good and long-lasting business relationships.

Continuous improvement mindset

In everything we do we believe in continuous improvement, because today there is a better way to do things than yesterday. And we actively work on it.