Konica Minolta Nordics – Case Study

“We empowered Finance teams in Konica Minolta Nordics to become really Nordic organization “

Duration: 05/2021 – 12/2023
CountriesDenmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway

Konica Minolta Nordics has existed for many years as a cluster of independent companies across the Nordics, with different processes, ERP systems usage and own ways of reporting. The regional management expressed a strong need to harmonize, unify and exploit potential synergies.

Finpower consultants acted as external partners ensuring harmonization in the Finance area. We became a part of ERP implementation team and focused to drive harmonization within Controlling, Reporting and G/L Accounting. We also closely cooperated with BI developers and helped to define and develop common Nordic BI (in Power BI) used across the Nordic region.


Situation BEFORE:

  • KM Nordics was group of 4 branches with different usage of ERP system and own BI solutions
  • Every country had developed their own workarounds and processes trying to solve the same problems (often causing additional manual workload for other back-office teams)
  • Countries were using own customized charts of accounts, reporting elements (these were often missing in ERP and needed to be added manually when compiling the reports)
  • Every country used different definitions and reporting guidelines (leading to almost impossible consolidation and difficult cross-comparisons)
  • Countries had either developed their own Business Intelligence system or had none and manually extracted data from the ERP system
  • Reports for the parent company were laboriously prepared in Excel and took several days to produce
  • Different versions of truth and reports were causing confusion across the teams

Situation AFTER

  • KM Nordics has become regional organization with common ERP and BI systems
  • Unification and harmonization of processes inside ERP, leading to greater efficiency, time savings and synergies (massively increased substitutability in back-office positions across the countries)
  • Use of a common chart of accounts (with careful consideration of local specificities)
  • Harmonization of reporting elements setup, guidelines, and definitions, which ensured comparability of the results and easier consolidation
  • Use of a unified BI system (Power BI) in which up-to-date reports are always available with respect to data security
  • Reports towards mother company solved with “push the button” solutions, which meant dramatical time saving within month closings
  • One source of truth for everyone in the companies across the region

    "In our Nordic ERP roll-out there has been a great and constructive dialogue and support from Finpower consultants. Finpower has provided a good overview, especially on the financial reporting, and have been reacting fast and professional in the needed areas where adjustments and support was needed throughout the roll-out."

    Kenneth Nygaard
    Nordic Operational Excellence & IT Manager

    Europeum business center

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